Juzzie Smith is a grassroots icon, an unheralded talent of pure genius and simplicity – he is a modern day peoples’ poet and the epitomy of a person following his passion and living his dream. The audience sees this and it is what makes him so special and so loved by all who watch him play.  His music is incredible and his message is simple yet meaningful – it is so refreshing and entertaining to witness his joy and playfulness – Juzzie Smith is a world wide sensation and he  loves to entertain and expand his musical offerings. Mixing Blues with all styles of music and playing up to six instruments at once is what makes Juzzie so unique and fun to watch.



 Juzzies’ latest album offering –  ‘Rise and Shine’ – The 12 Song Album is Juzzie Smiths’ newest CD and is a musical journey of everything Juzzie represents – Some very groovable blues beats mixed with the gentle ways and caress of the Singer / Songwriter, delivered in the manner of someone who has everything to live for.

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